A Tiny Sunway Home for your family

Practical and comfortable living, at low cost!

According to “Business Insider”, the average rental cost in principal American cities, for a two-bedroom apartment is $1,087.00 per month. This cost is too much for most families.

For less than two thirds of that amount, a family can purchase a Tiny Sunway Home. You can invest in a Tiny Home rather than seeing your hard-earned money be wasted with no return.

Tiny Sunway Homes sells elegant, efficient, modern and well-designed Tiny Homes at low cost.  We offer a marvelous solution to all those in need of an inexpensive home for vacation cabin, emergency housing, or home sweet home.

Our units can fulfill the needs of the individual with a vagabond spirit or the four-member family planning a lifetime in one home community.

We can help you with financing with terms of up to 84 months.

We will tailor a solution just for you.

What difference would there be between buying a Tiny Sunway Home as opposed to renting an apartment?


Using the example above, within 7 years, a family living in a rental apartment would pay a total of $91,308.00. As a comparison, if this family decides to acquire a Tiny Sunway Home, they would pay, within the same time frame, a total of $56,784. At the end of the 84 months, they will own a Tiny Sunway Home which will have a value of approximately $40,000. The net savings over a period of 7 years are $74,524.00.

 E-mail us to acquire your Tiny Sunway Home.  No down payment needed!